Keep your support in Kent

Independent businesses in your local area often have a huge role within communities. By supporting them, it can have a massive improvement to the economic growth of your town. It is likely that the more you support them, the more they will grow into bigger, better businesses. Visit Kent.

Reasons to support your local businesses:

  1. The money spent in that local business is likely to be re-spent within the same area
  2. They are more likely to employ local people
  3. Local businesses add charm and character to the village
  4. The owners can have more of an influence for what matters in the area
  5. Local retailer’s often stock products that chain retailers are unlikely to, creating uniqueness
  6. They can also match the needs of the community
  7. All your customer services will be based locally, so you can come in direct contact making it so much easier and no hassle
  8. The chances you will deal with the owner directly are high. They are passionate about their brand and will set up to succeed

The best local businesses in Kent

Canterbury Glass Art

A team of husband and wife run this establishment working with glass creating things such as wine glasses, bowls, plates and even jewellery. They use different techniques such as flame working.

With over 30 years in the industry, the two of them have produced award winning hand made products.

EOS Rooflights

EOS Rooflights supplies an entire range of premium rooflights to both trade and public customers. Their high performance, market leading rooflights are designed to have an easy installation on any flat roof.

The glass that has been inputted into these rooflights is 30% thicker than any other rooflight from any other UK supplier. An 8.8mm laminated inner pane is included as standard, giving you a more safe and secure product. Get in contact by calling 020 3733 9050.

EOS skylights include:

  • Fixed rooflights
  • Opening
  • Modular windows
  • Eco rooflights
  • Roof lanterns
  • Walkon skylights
  • Circular
  • Access hatch

Wrappz UK

They provide a range of cases for iPhone’s, Samsung’s, HTC’s and even Google phones. As well as providing cases for smartphones, they also have customised gifts, laptop covers and wall art.

We think Wrappz is one of the best personalised phone/gift companies as they are always up-to-date with the latest releases. An example of this is that Apple has recently revealed the latest iPhone that will be released and Wrappz have allowed you to already design your iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X cases.  See what’s available here.

Kent Rubbish Clearance

Kent Waste are your local rubbish clearance experts, they cover all areas of Kent including Rochester, Deal and Whitstable. They cover all aspects of rubbish clearance, including domestic and commercial properties.

They are approved by the Environmental Agency; therefore with the rubbish they collect, they aim to recycle 100% of it.

Fella Hair Barbers

This barber shop creates a unique boutique experience unlike any other. They have a team of highly trained and experienced who pride themselves in grooming men to look their best. The best thing about Fella is that they have developed their own app where you can book appointments in just a few clicks.

We Love, Maidstone

We Love has created a distinctive brand as well as showing good financial management. They specialise in media and marketing, whilst taking pride in using an alternative choice to a creative strategy approach for businesses.