The home to beauty and elegance, why not visit attractions full of history?

Kent is full of fun and exciting places and attractions to visit, leaving you with endless memories. Week day, week end, any time of the year there will always be an endless amount of things to do.

Below are the most visited full day trips:

Rochester Castle – Been rated one of the best preserved and finest examples of Norman architecture in England. The grounds are good for a picnic stop.
Rochester Cathedral – England’s second oldest foundation. Its architecture is Norman and early English.

Guildhall Museum – An excellent museum with free entry stuffed with interesting artefacts, plus the Prison Hulks experience.

Restoration House & Garden – A stunning Elizabethan city mansion. It is “Satis House” of Great Expectations. Limited opening hours.

The Six Poor Travellers (almshouses) – Built in the sixteenth century, the name suggests, was a lodge for weary travellers.

In addition to these there are many other interesting and historic buildings along the High Street.

Alternatives to full day trips

We know there are travllers at the weekend too, which is why we have suggested some of the most popular weekend half-day trips.

Below are our top weekend visits:

Upnor Castle – Only a short way out of the city, this splendid 16th century fortification stands on the banks of the Medway, in the quaint village of Upnor.

Fort Amherst – Amongst the hill overlooking Chatham and the river stands this rambling Napoleonic fort with its huge network of tunnels. One of several forts that encircle the Medway Towns.

Gads Hill Place – Previously the home of Charles Dickens is a few miles from Rochester, at Higham

Royal Engineers Museum – Located by Gillingham is a fascinating collection of exhibits charting the history of military engineering through the years.

If you’re out in Maidstone and need things to do, click here.